First Scary Godmother
Illustration circa 1996
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The queen of Halloween and the Ambassador of Spooky. Scary Godmother exists to introduce you to things that go bump in the Night. She's not all witch and she's not all fairy, but she's 100 percent magical fun. Scary Godmother lives on the Fright Side, a spookity place where everyday is a little like Halloween. Also known as La Bruja Madrina, eine Gruseltante and Tata Spauracchia, Scary Godmother is the like the Andy Griffith of this Spooky Mayberry. She solves problems with her ingenuity more often than with the aid of magic but the magic is always there.

The resident Skeleton in the Closet and Bone about Town, Mr. Pettibone is the keeper of all secrets and one of Scary Godmother's best friends. He's the broommate responsible for most of the party planning and he purportedly makes the best shrimp puffs on all of the Fright Side. Known as Konrad Klopperknocken and Signor Tibierio, Mr. Pettibone has travelled the world gathering secrets from every culture on the globe which he stores away in a shoebox on the top shelf of his closet.

Three time Champion Monster Under the Bed and Scary Godmother's other broommate, Bug-A-Boo's job is to scare kids, not eat them and he's the best at what he does. He knows all the things the kids on his route are afraid of on account of all the time he spends under their beds. Bug-A-Boo is known as Bichu-Bu, Babau and Bugabuu in Spain, Italy and Germany respectively. but that's not enough for his social climbing mother. She longs for a son who is a s famous as the Loch Ness Monster.

Scary Godmother's ghost cat and the leader of a pride of deceased cats that float throughout the Fright Side.

The Fright Side's most famous vampire and King of the Night. He's rather stodgy and old fashioned but that's part of his creepy charm. He lives in stately Belfrey Manor with his family and occasionally swoops down on the town for some fast food (which seems to get faster and faster all the time).

Max's wife and the Queen of the Night. Ruby reminds most folk of a 1950's horror hostess, with her flowing night dress and raven hair. Her love of modern music drives her traditional husband batty.

The Prince of the Night and Hannah's best friend. He's a kid who just happens to be a vampire. He likes baseball, blood pudding and going camping in the graveyard. Orson once bested the dreaded Dark Master at the The Trials of Transylvania and freed the child vampires who were enslaved.

Count Max's familiars and Orson's pet bats. This wisecracking duo acts a fluttering critical chorus whenever Max and Orson step out of line. They are devoted to Ruby and are sometimes found tangled in her silkety hair.

The wolf that lives like a frathouse, but without the social graces. Harry resides with his mother in a cave in Ackerman Forest where he spends his time eating, sleeping, surfing the internet and watching ESPN (Every Spooky Program Network). When he's not driving his mother crazy, he's out at the Comic Crypt driving the owner and customers crazy, or visiting Scary Godmother and driving her household crazy! But despite it all, they love him anyway.

Harry's long-suffering mother. Irene Le Gevaudan is the Fright Side's resident fortune teller. She splits her time working among the misty paths of Ackerman Forest and waiting on her layabout son. Irene once ôkicked her son out of the cave to fend for himself", but found herself feeling both relieved and lonely without him around. It seems that no matter how much the two complain about their living arrangements, they really need each other.

The owner of The Slaughtered Lamb bar and grille and an 8 time black widow....spider, that is. This adorable arachnid slings her web across the cash register and manages the nightly goings on at the Fright Sides local watering haunt.

The Humans

The only little girl to have her very own Scary Godmother. Hannah met Scary Godmother one Halloween evening when she was Trick or Treating with her cousin Jimmy and his gang. Left alone in an abandoned house, Hannah was crying and frightened until her Scary Godmother came along. Now Hannah isn't afraid of spooky things at all and she regularly visits the Fright Side to have adventures.

Hannah's older cousin and a general stinker. Jimmy's selfishness tends to make him the bully. He once convinced his pals to ditch Hannah in an abandoned house on Halloween night so they could Trick or Treat without her.

Jimmy's gang. They're not bad kids, just kind of easily influenced. Daryl is the sweet and naive one, Bert is the imaginative one and Katy is the emphatic one.

First introduced in Scary Godmother- Ghoul's Out for Summer

A fairy and former classmate of the Scary Godmother. Tinkaree was overcome by jealousy when she heard about the Scary Godmother's high profile position and drugged her with fairycakes so she could take her place at the Witches Around the World Conference. After wreaking havok at the conference, she flew off to the Fright Side to take the Scary Godmother's role for real.

A witch and former classmate of Scary Godmother, Holda is the head of the Annual Witches convention in Grimm's Woods. Holda befriended Scary Godmother and Tinkaree at Grimoire's Academy for Magical Young Ladies.

Owner of the tavern, Giantkillers, at the base of the beanstalk. Jack bested the Giant and sold the castle at the top of the beanstalk to developers who turned it into condos. Jack and the Giant joined forces to create the Ultimate Tough Man Competition. Their match can be seen in the Scary Godmother: Ghoul's out for Summer mini-series.

The giant is the ultimate heel and a champion and partner in the Ultimate Tough Man Competition League.

Tinkaree's silly minions and employees at Giantkillers. Their part in the Scary Godmother kidnapping plot has kept them up to their ears in chores at Giantkillers. Brownie is a Brownie and Chicken Little is the infamous worry wart from the children's stories. Both live and work in FairyTaleLand.