The Elementals (artist 1987)
Fathom (artist 1987)

First Comics
Classics Illustrated-The Scarlet Letter (artist 1989)

DC Comics
Wonder Woman (artist 1990-91)
Sandman (artist 1991-93)
Black Orchid (artist 1993)
The Invisibles (artist 1993, 1995,1997)
Swamp Thing (artist 1994)
Books Of Magic (artist1996)
Seekers into the Mystery artist1996)
Finals (creator/artist 1999)
The Little Endless Storybook (writer/artist 2001)
Death: At Death's Door (writer/artist 2002-2003)

Marvel Comics
Spiderman: Shadows and Light (artist)
X-Men Unlimited-Dazzler :Beyond the Music (artist)

The X-Files: Afterflight (artist)

Dark Horse Comics
The Badger: Shattered Mirror (artist)
Stray (in the Haunted Anthology)(artist)

Sirius Entertainment
Scary Godmother books (all creator/writer/illustrator)

The Scary Godmother (1997)

The Revenge of Jimmy (1998)

The Mystery Date (1999)

The Boo Flu (2000)

Scary Godmother Comics

Scary Godmother: My Bloody Valentine (1998)

Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktakular (1998)

Scary Godmother Activity book (2000)


Scary Godmother- Wild About Harry (2000)
Scary Godmother-Ghoul's Out for Summer ( 2000-2001)

Bongo Comics
Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (writer 2000)
Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (artist 2002)

Caliber Comics
The Bandyman (artist 1999)